Yes, we don't have to resort to Medical drugs or other, in an effort to raise our Mood Level but rather, to balance and naturally lift it.  Yes, this is possible. Be encouraged!

Finding ways to to lift and balance your moods for a happier and more peaceful life. See what Neuroscience has discovered!
SEE what a difference
this will make for YOU!

This website has been made possible by some years of Natural Health Research
and also a personal transformation I have experienced in my life through Jesus
in my 20's and recent years.

Fill the Earth with Jesus' Giftings - Expressions of His LOVE and GRACE....JOY and PEACE....
He gives natural giftings and spiritual giftings. I would like to share both with you if that's OK? 
Let me show you some ways you can balance and lift your mood levels.

Many are becoming aware in recent years, that we have spiritual needs too. There is a great
deal of confusion and misinformation in books and courses and on the  internet. Even Christian Churches can introduce religious bondage - if they're not careful - with JESUS who brings LIFE, not religion. I don't know how they mix the two often, but they do. You may like to read what
I have to say about that on the About Me page.

And if you're a Christian with church affiliations, don't be offended if I say "the world is still in
the night while we are asleep in the light". Jesus was so different to how He is often presented. There's enough confusion in the world without adding to it. A lot of people feel that way
and I completely understand.

I want to let you know that you do have a CHOICE when it comes to mood levels.
You can choose Nutrients or Neuroscience just like you can choose Spiritual or Psychology.
Most times, you don't have to take medical drugs - especially when so many discoveries are being made - and please don't place yourself at the mercy of other drugs because they lead to
great dependency too and addictions you did not bargain for, so crippling.

On this website, I will also speak about different aspects of health that contribute
to mood levels or relate in some way - whether physically or psychologically.
I like to be innovative when it comes to making websites.

This is not meant to be a Health Website or Christian Website
but a blending of Natural Health Research and Inspirational Writings
that follow the Christian Ethic.  I do not have any religious or church persuasions personally but a simple Walk with Jesus that I find very satisfying and would like to pass on some benefits to you if that's OK?

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I have an exciting website built with a new Site Builder my Webhosts
offered me 18 Months ago, to bring more Joy and Peace into your day.
There are stacks of Healthy Tasty Recipes from 3 Website Memberships
I have - Copy Me That, Yummlys and Pinterest. People love to see the many 
Recipes I have collected. Also, I have open Pinterest folders with Lots of Birds and
Baby Animals and Lots of YouTube 3-6Min Videos of the same. Everyone adores
them (I pick the best). Access to beautiful Free eCards. Lots of Web Menus 
on this Website (one of my webhost's favorites) There is so much more
than I can mention here.

The BLOG on Natural Mood Levels has been inoperative for sometime,
through no choice of mine, but my Web Hosts recently let me know that
sometime next year, when things are further developed with the 
New Site Builder, this website can be transferred over to it, with the 
same design  and feel you have grown to like here.

Sorry, PDFs Page not there now because
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They will return for you to enjoy in near future with a
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Most of my PDFs are inspired Poems pages
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My main professional website is Health-Alerts.Info
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Different to the usual kind of Health Sites.

My main Inspirational website is Inspirations for You.Net
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