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Better Communications – A Real Health Need

In this article I wish to share the need for closer communications with Family and Friends. How modern day living has affected our real living patterns and some things we can do about it.

This actually does have a bearing on our physical, mental and emotional health.
Often times, you do not need a medical practitioner or psychologist. Rather, we need to Restore some of the Vital Basics at Home.

A very good friend phoned me yesterday and I did not enjoy the quality of conversation I look forward to with her.

When Sharing the Good News of Jesus

Many people have commented through the years about the Natural way I share Jesus and that they find my company "pleasant".
It is important to realize the  Expression of Jesus has been hindered in the lives of many Christians because the modern day way of getting together has altered drastically when Constantine changed things in 330AD after Christ came. I want to tell you something, and it's this_ JESUS did not want things that way much less commission it.

Constantine was self-commisioned and much of the LIFE in Christianity went out of it.

The effect of Negative Words on our Health

Have you ever experienced the draining effects of Negative Thoughts and Words?
And we all said "YES"
Well this article is written so we can have a closer look at them, in relation to health.
But also the pleasing contrast of Healthy Thoughts and Words!


Our words can lift us up or weigh us down. So can the words of others – like second hand smoke. You're not the one smoking but you still get the effects of it.

Some of us know that the words of others can weigh you down but fail to realize the power of their own words.