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Beautiful Sunshine – What a Blessing

Sunshine is actually Good for You – Come outside and Enjoy some Again
Yes, it's Good for Flowers and it's Good for You too!

There is a necessity in these times for Switching Off from the Cares of Life and sitting or walking in the sunshine is a nice way to do that – accompanied with fresh air or quiet stillness where you can almost hear the silence. Even the quiet sounds around you can give you a peaceful sense of company, being tuned to the outdoor environment –
it is really quite restful.   

Sunshine has a favorable impact on our mood. We can influence our mood levels for good instead of spending so much time indoors. Those who get fresh air and sunshine are happy generally_ look at the home gardeners!

Yes sunlight is actually an essential element for a happy disposition, missing in many people who live sedentary lifestyles or work many hours in high rise buildings etc  It also sets the circadian rhythm that is nature's sleep/wake cycle within. When we have sunshine in the morning for instance, we sleep well at night. A sleep chemical is released from our pineal gland called Melatonin. Yes, sunshine can keep levels of Serotonin and Melatonin from sinking and making us feel
lethargic and listless.

Just like exercise helps us to stay off apathy, sunlight is good for us. There's so much misguided talk about Cancer as there is about Cholesterol. It's only over exposure to 
sunshine that can lead to skin cancer in some people we hear so much about.

It has actually been discovered that lack of sunshine and sunscreens cause more skin cancers or too much sunshine when your body is toxic and stressed through modern diets laden with chemicals. So why not go out and ENJOY!

Some of us remember when grandparents sat outside in the sunshine for 30-50 minutes each day and mothers used to give their babies and toddlers a little sunbath without nappy or clothing on - how this would be a happy and peaceful time. Children at school would even be told to go out and play in the sunshine at lunch time. That's because there are so many benefits.

It reduces stress and depression by causing a release of endorphins - our body's own mood elevator. So it enhances our mental outlook and sense of well being.
Our immune system is strengthened by exposure to moderate sunlight.

Having 10-15 minutes of sunshine in the morning, without glasses or sunshades on helps to set the circadian rhythm for melatonin to be released at night.

It is well documented that, if we are not exposed to sunshine, our body rhythms run 50 minutes slower every day. This can can disturb our sleep/wake cycle as well as the rest of our body's hormonal rhythms.

All these good benefits for enjoying some time outdoors.
We may even hear some birds singing or tweeting in the trees.

PEACE to you and have a lovely day!

Sunny Day
Clear blue skies on a sunny day
Autumn leaves, they toss and sway
The birds, they are joyfully singing
And to me__ laughter they’re bringing.
I love God’s excellent ways
For He knows they would be such pleasure
All these things on a sunny day.
Janet Vargas   ©

Sunshine Blessings, Give Yourself A Happy Lift!

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