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Living in a Restless and Stressful Age

It's true, is it not, that the Age that we're living in is so restless and stressful?
It's a busy life, hectic for some_ running here and dashing there, concerned
that we make it in time for this and that. An endless array of people with
busy schedules and commitments and I wonder how those who are engaged
in some types of work can keep up with an endless stream of appointments
throughout the day and socially in the evening?

A Day and Age where time itself is going so fast it is flying pass many of us
who cannot seem to keep up with the pace of life because a month or a year 
seems to be going by 3 times more quickly than they have before.

Look at this year_ we only just celebrated New Year "yesterday" so to speak
and already we are in spring/autumn. Is'nt that crazy? 
I mean to say, that would have been years ago when a year used to
take it's time to go by and the pace of life was more relaxed.

This in itself is stressful for many of us. And there's the saying "Look after Nb 1"
that can be a good thing for those who tend to keep putting others before themselves
and a not such a good thing around those who put themselves before others
anyway and maybe practice it to extremes - showing little or no sensitivity to the
needs and feelings of others in society and even in their family or workplace.

The shopping centers is a classic place for them to display their behavior often, walking
directly in front of you to take your turn or get "what they want". Oh, and the drivers
who show no consideration whatsoever to other people driving.......lane hopping to
where they want to get to; hugging bumpers to get you out the way; always wanting 
to be the car in front; those who so rudely cut in front of you, only to
make a left turn shortly after; not to mention those who make outlandish attempts
in busy traffic......the road was made for them, was'nt it? 

Some people like to show their impatience and discourtesy in car parks by grabbing
your park before your eyes; beeping or crowding you when you're reversing etc
And the one that really concerns me is those who walk directly across the back of 
your car when reversing.......especially those with little children and toddlers.
To me, that demonstrates little care and regard for their children's safety - highly
irresponsible but half of them have not given any thought to that. More often
than not, they take it for granted they are not in a "blind spot''......yes
it is so dangerous!

Those are just a few things that most of us encounter on a regular basis.
And I hope it made some of you feel a bit better to read some of those things.
I mean to say, things have got so hectic and selfish that an elderly person 
or someone who is not well thinks twice often before going out. 
That is not fair is it? We need to show kindness towards others. A little
consideration goes a long way. It could even make someone happier on the inside.

As a matter of fact, people are surprised sometimes when I mention to them how 
concerns like those mentioned here were addressed prophetically 2,000 Yrs ago.
Often, you will hear someone commenting on the way things are.
While I am not into religious churchy living, I do have time for Jesus and find His words
to be true in so many things He said and a few of His followers who wrote part of the Bible.
Yes, some of it relates very closely to our Day! 

"In the Last Days there will be Stressful Times. Some will be lovers of self, lovers of pleasure and money. Some will be ungodly, reckless and conceited. Many will break contracts........Children will be disobedient to parents". Describes our surroundings well, don't you think? Even cars and aircraft and computers were mentioned in the bible too, so it is not a book of fairy tales.

Many of us are recognizing a need for spiritual things now - that we don't just have 
a body, mind and emotions but we do have a spirit, and there's something missing until 
that need is met. There are Scientists and Neuroscientists acknowledging this and
saying that it is vital to our health to meet those needs.
It's important what direction our 'quest' or search for life takes us in because
there's so many unstable schools of thought out there - religious and New-Age!

I encourage you to find for yourself that real "Living" is to be found with JESUS.
He is the one who has gifted me with research, poems like Helen Steiner Rice,
inspirational writings and website creation (multiple websites). I would not promote 
Him as a Santa - that is not right to me but walking close to Him is to experience 
His Graces if we don't limit Him. Christian ethics has been a strength for me 
through the years and I've found Him to have a measuring rod for certain experiences
I've had, He has caused me to know gladness in place of sadness.

Most of us live at a busy pace from day to day with people around us rushing here
and rushing there - even on the home scene many times.
Also, noise has become part of day to day living for most of us, from unwanted machinery, aircraft and traffic to TVs and Sound Systems - welcome and unwelcome. Whatever it is,
it all adds up to noise pollution, collectively speaking.

We have become so restless for some reason - we have our tablets and laptops on 
for hours and we take our smart-phones and MP3 players with us everywhere we go.
Many of us can't keep our mobiles out of use when dining out and our MP3 player
is on when we walk from A to B - even if we go for leisure walks.

 "Hey.........wait a minute" is not silence a good companion sometimes? Have
we lost it's value somewhere along the way?  Too much silence can be maddening if
you're in isolation, that's true but may I suggest to you that it is sane for most of us.
A missing link. It can bring calmness to our mind and emotions; composure and 
restfulness to our inner recesses; order into a hectic day; solutions in given situations.
Things pertaining to our spirit is a missing link also because in the silence comes
inspiration and time for our Creator to speak to us in the quietness of Nature
or gentle voice within. So may I put it to you that quietness is not a bad thing but
should be sought after on a daily basis. 

Think of quietness for your mind and spirit in terms of what it is like for your body 
after you bath or shower and when you go to bed after a hard days work - is'nt that restful?
Friends, your body, mind and spirit needs more of those quiet-times where you can
find a restfulness - at least on a weekly basis 3 or 4 times. When you have discovered it's merits, you will not look back - you need to make time for this. Perceived opportunities don't
always present themselves but when you look for them or make way for them, it's amazing how much time you can have for this area in your life. With tranquility comes
equilibrium - you will find yourself restored and experiencing better health.

It is a stressful Age we're living in - Jesus said it would not be easy in this Day.
May I suggest to run to your Creator instead of away from Him, because there is also
a prophetic promise in the Bible that "When hard times break out on the Earth, His Light
(Joy, Peace and Purpose) shall rise on those who walk with Him". Many are experiencing
this in their personal lives. He did not want so many different religions any more
than you or me - it can stifle the very life of God in our lives.

In addition to one's own worries or situations, we often have the added weight of
others' stress and disappointments from family and friends. Especially with those 
who don't know when to stop talking about them - maybe repeatedly. You feel like you're
playing the part of a counselor sometimes - not that they want your advice.
It is a good thing these days, to make certain boundaries with friends, that you
don't mind being a confidant occasionally and you like to enjoy your friendship with them.
 Otherwise, the best of friendships can get taxing. 

A Better Friendship

The last time that you spoke to me
to get things off your chest
when you forgot them afterwards
I was not feeling at my best.
I'd like to have some lighter times
for laughter and for fun
some peaceful relaxation
like when our friendship begun.
We're living in a world of stress
you know that would be less
if we value each other's company
in ways that make us free.
Enjoying certain activities
not just sitting down
we could enjoy a walk in a park
with nature all around.
There's something about activities
they make us forget our cares.
So does placing them on the shoulders
of our Mighty God upstairs.
Janet Vargas  © 

Why are most of us restless? I think it's partly the effect of stress and partly
an attempt to throw it off. Could it also be a part of running away from God for some
because how is it that we have to keep ourselves amused or busy most of the
day and evening? Maybe it is because someone or something is too much for us
and we are running away from the seriousness of it?. Whatever it is that motivates 
us to be so restless, we need to stop still sometime - at least once a day -
otherwise, you are taxing your mind and body in some way and your spirit is
not being fed. You know that most people who are restless don't even
know that they are? I hope these insights are helpful to you.
Please find some ways you can have pleasant quiet-times.
Life to your body, life to your mind, life to your spirit, dear friends.

A Favorite Bible Verse that Inspires Me!
Phil 4:8  is my favorite verse:  "Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is gracious, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise think about these things."  Because that is the best pattern for thinking....it speaks about having a Christ awareness .....appreciation of nature... the qualities and giftings in others.....it speaks of renewing your mind consistently.....loving His Words of Life..... having right attitudes and healthy thoughts and company.....being creative .......and having a desire for progress.

Peace to you who read this Post!

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