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How we See Ourselves is Important

I will share with you a Life Principle.

The way we look at ourselves is important and has a lot to do with how we experience life.Yes, the way we look inward has to do with our outlook on life.

We all have self-talk, an inner chatter. A dialogue as it were.

Make sure yours is kind and give it some guidelines on a daily basis until it becomes your friend - bringing to mind positive thoughts, cheerful thoughts and loving thoughts.
Yes, feed yourselves this type of thinking until it becomes natural.

Because our inner chatter is somewhat negative for most and unruly for some, with content that is disturbing and sometimes troublesome if not kept in check. Yes, you can monitor this self talk and tell it what to say, so to speak. You can decide the things you would like to hear. 

Our God given Power of Choice is a wonderful thing. We can choose what we want in life_ company, past-time and interests, food and cuisine, TV programs and websites etc and we can determine what type of thoughts we like to think, so we can see ourselves and life around us differently.

If we have a poor self image, it is difficult to see life how it should be.

Sometimes we need a healthy diet to foster healthier thoughts. It's noted how Vitamin B Complex can pick up your energy levels and lift your morale......so can quality proteins and steamed veges; enzymes from fresh healthy salads and vege juice!

Walking and Exercise is also important because they help to increase our circulation and oxygen levels - that  is good for our brain.

So food and activity does have a bearing on the way we think about ourselves and sunshine. Too much time indoors does not help anyone, especially when you don't let the natural light in and open the windows. That can actually set you up for depressing thoughts where your morale is really down.

If we can't exercise and we spend considerable time indoors, it is a good idea to keep active in someway – try not to be sedentary – at least every 60-90 mins walk into another room and do something, no matter how small.

Try not to let the TV and Internet be your nurse-maids......we were'nt meant to have our brain bombarded with constant stimuli as with TV especially – it has been proven to be bad for our brain as are action computer games also. They can be a health hazard when used excessively. So if possible, try to find an interest that engages your brain in a natural way
something that appeals to your intellect or creativity.

In most people's opinion I come across, there's so much absolute rubbish and negativity thrown at you through the TV these days! That does not foster good thoughts – in fact, most criminal activity and broken families is a by-product of it in some way. When you think about it, lots of not so good suggestions are thrown at you every so many minutes – some more subtle than others but they're there. Not to mention, some programs and soapys are out to stereo type you in some way.

On the internet, all manner of enticement and negativity is out to get your attention. At least you can control the content better than a television. My dad was a pioneer TV sales and serviceman in 1958 when it came to our state. It was a good thing then and everyone was so excited.....the programs were better.....and because they were not on all day or evening, they were balanced with other interests.

Honestly, not that I'm Anti-TV and I run 6 Websites_ how can we think healthy thoughts and have a positive self-image when there's a 'battle of the image' going on in most people's houses everyday? Your brain being misinformed with so much unhealthy imput. What does all this do for our morale? How can a plant grow in an unhealthy environment? How can we grow and find true happiness or satisfaction with so much clamor for our attention. I mean to say, what we've been accustomed to thinking of as 'the norm' is so unnatural is'nt it, really?

There are protective measures we can take to make for more brain space and family communications.

Watch out for sweets and carbohydrate snacks; cokes and sodas; lots of icecream_ they mess with our sugar and energy levels and can affect our morale poorly. Researchers don't refer to 'sugar blues' for nothing. First they give you a temporary boost, then about 30 mins later comes the urge for more.....setting most of us up for highs and lows. Sugar cravings are the hidden cause for a poor self image in many people.

We need to nurture our morale too. We do this by having times aside from the busy rush and distractions of life around us.....the work and social associations of the day and the week. Time to be in touch with ourselves – and our maker, if that agrees – yes, moments of quiet where we can regain composure.

When you have taken practical steps mentioned, you can start changing your self-image by monitoring and feeding your inner dialogue each day. You may like to do these together and make up for lost time. With these things addressed, you can experience a better self-image and an improved outlook on life. Whatever, I wish you well.

The above advice when practiced, makes for happy mood levels.

What input do you have on this? 2-10 lines, pleasant or helpful to readers please.

* Two of my friends are going to comment on this Article. Their names are Allan and Sheree.

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