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Hullo Friends, so far I have not had a Guest Book on this Site but decided that it would be nice for those who like to respond on Sites they enjoy.  It would be good to let you express how you enjoyed certain Web-Pages, I would like to hear if you have benefited in some way. This gives my viewers and readers the opportunity to let me know. I really enjoy engaging with people in public.

If your message is personal add 'personal' ...visitors like to read some comments and appraisal on Web-Sites. Thank you for your Feedback.....personal OR posted comments!

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If you feel the need to correct me on what you have read, this Website is not for you. I wish you well.

As a Researcher and User of the Internet, I do NOT welcome, endorse or use spam. That is why I do not have
a newsletter, as I don't like unwelcome Emails, I think that you may not either. Rest assured, I am too busy.